Choosing the Right Answering Service

A live answering service is your virtual receptionist when you can’t answer your business phone.  There are phone professionals that are available 24 hours a day so that you never miss a phone call.  Your phone will be answered and your callers greeted with your business name they won’t even know that it isn’t a member of your staff taking the call.  These calls can be screened, transferred or a message can be forwarded to you.  Let us help you with choosing the right answering service for your property management company.

The Benefits

Each and every call that is answered by a live answering service improves your customer satisfaction rating.  Three quarters of your customers will hang up if they reach your answering machine.  You can increase your productivity by not having to stop what you are doing to answer the phone.  You can make a good first impression with a potential tenant by having their calls answered.  You also build better relationships with your tenants by having someone answer after hours calls.  A live answering service is far less expensive than employing someone around the clock full time.  Here are some other benefits to a live answering service.

Local Call Answering

Ideally you want to work with an answering service that is local to you, if you can’t get someone local then at least find someone in the same country.  Your customers won’t have to worry about language barriers and they can be comfortable knowing that their concerns or issues are clearly understood.

24 Hr. Services

Finding a service that is available around the clock is a must especially when it comes to tenant issues.  If a tenant has a flood at 2 am and you don’t take the call until 8am the next morning then you are looking at extensive damage to your property.  You need a service that will be there for you when you need it most.

What is Included in the Service

You may have special requirement such as certain messages get forwarded to your rental agents while other calls need to go to the maintenance team.  Call the live answering service handle that?  Will it cost you more for these services?  Can they send you or your team your messages via text or email?  Can they transfer emergency calls live if need be?  You need to look at the services they offer aside from just answering the phone.

By carefully choosing the right call center for your needs you can save yourself time and money while keeping your tenants and staff happy.